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CPTEC University, Republic of Togo and Davids Graduate School of Finance, Nigeria has developed this strategic Postgraduate Diploma programme in Alternative Investment Management programme based on rigorous academic research and on extensive discussions with Regulators, Industry Practitioners, Clients and prominent thought leaders in the finance industry across West Africa. The aim of the programme is to explore the world of alternative investments, such as hedge funds, private equity / venture capital funds, real estate, and commodities etc. with the need for some finance professionals or prospective entrants into the industry that planned to do things different with understanding of alternative assets and investments and products. This programme is for finance and investment professionals with background in investment management or and the management of traditional investment products.

The unprecedented impacts seen in the financial markets over recent years, and the disappointment of investors, have accelerated the recognition of the alternative investment industry and just as spectacularly fuelled its development, but many more challenges still face the alternative investment industry: how can a specialise activity become a mature industry without losing its particular features? How, over time, can performance and standardisation be reconciled? Hence, in the long term, the answer to these questions will depend, in particular, on the balance struck between market discipline and the regulatory framework, as well as on the alternative investment industry’s capacity. Making room for a new body of knowledge to bring this markets developmental, monitoring and regulatory framework easy to work side by side with traditional investment management markets; and existing framework. A solution that the CPTEC PG Diploma in Alternative Investment Management tends to offer.






  • Introduction to Financial Modelling & Valuation
  • Strategic Alternative Investment Management
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Hedge Funds
  • Dissertation

At the completion of the programme the students will have developed a capability to accomplish the following:

  • Understanding the principles and practice of securities operations and trading with strategic knowledge building in the financial securities and instrument management
  • Creating adequate knowledge of the basic investment banking functions of capital issues management and regulatory framework
  • Exposition to investment laws and regulations on the core regulatory framework in the development, reporting and management of an investment company
  • Corporate governance, financial ethics and professional standards with appropriate corporate governance and code of conducts affecting the finance and investment industry will be given an in depth evaluation.
  • Ability to perform a financial statement analysis and reporting functions at the basic level to organisations in strategic investment sectors of the economy including complex multinationals across the globe. Ability to perform independent accounting and financial reporting services;
  • Understanding of the financial reporting of an investment company and financial companies- banks, insurance etc with the ability to apply relevant accounting concepts, convention and standards;
  • Coverage of the principles of operational and financial risk management as it applies to banking and financing capabilities. The asset management creation and relationship to the management of banking crises, coupled with current innovations and reforms within the industry;
  • Business analysis as a core part of the current business dynamics will be given great attention to, hence students will gain the ability to perform basic business analysis tasks and services to clients and organisation;
  • More important ability to manage and operate information technology assistance as it relates to the field of accounting. Such as effective training in the usage of various investments and analysis and accounting software and the management of spreadsheets with basic accounting modeling sessions.
  • Coverage of strategic techniques of investment research with comprehensive exposition on the investment fundamental, technical analysis, and corporate analysis of businesses in investment decision- making on behalf of clients and business.
  • Understanding of alternative investments with the coverage of alternates such as venture capital and private equities, hedge funds, commodities, real estate etc.
  • Strategic understanding and knowledge of corporate finance and wealth management with case studies and scenarios developed to address significant issues in the financial industry with global outlook.
  • Basic understanding of estate and trust administration and insolvency practice management to address corporate restructuring and reorganization decision- making process of organisation.

The programme shall last for a minimum of four sessions of eight strategic semesters or four years and a maximum period of 6years. A total number of 4,500 of contact hours must be covered before graduation. Though, due to the structures of the programme, modular certificate(s) are awarded at the end of each of the first 4 sessions before the graduation.

The programme shall last for a minimum of four sessions of eight strategic semesters or four years and a maximum period of 6years. A total number of 4,500 of contact hours must be covered before graduation. Though, due to the structures of the programme, modular certificate(s) are awarded at the end of each of the first 4 sessions before the graduation.

Entry requirements are flexible and vary, but we generally demand:

For entry into Year 1 &2 (Certificate and Diploma):

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate with a good mark OR; 5 GCSEs and 2 AS/A2s OR BAC Requisite Qualification OR; the equivalent in your country of education OR; Foundation Certificate from internationally recognised professional body AND
  • proof of good use of English (IELTS/TOEFL/GCSE or equivalent)


Diploma- International General Entry Requirements. Entry requirements are flexible and vary, but we generally demand:

  • By University Matriculation Entry Mode
    • At least S.S.S. Certificate or G.C.E. ‘O’ Level with credit passes in five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics (Though, mathematics can be waived for some courses) obtained at not more than two sittings; or
  • Pass in appropriate Foundation / Certificate programme; or
  • A distinction or credit pass in the Certificate in Law programme from a recognized university or any other professional or Training in a relevant field from a credited professional or training institution
  • Other similar qualifications; or
  • Mature Entry Route (MER) Minimum age of 30 plus work experience (2 years min) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis
  • Achieved a grade C6 or better in English language O level; or
  • All international students for whom English is not their first language must provide evidence of their linguistic ability by gaining a minimum level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent, prior to receiving an offer for the course.
  • Selection criteria
    • Academic merits based on the academic credits and grades will be used as well;
    • A pass in the entry examination, which forms the crust of the selection to the programme
    • Also, minimum class population admission will also form part of other secondary selection criteri


For entry into Year 3 (Advanced Diploma):

  • CPTEC Diploma
  • CIS/ CISI and other Finance Professional Certificate and Part Professional Qualifications
  • Certificate from internationally recognised professional body;
  • transfer credits from an internationally accredited university in a relevant field, subject to approval


For entry into Year 4 (B.Sc.):

  • Advanced Diploma from CPTEC; OR
  • CIS/ CISI and other Finance Professional Certificate and Final Professional Qualifications
  • HND/BTEC; OR transfer credits from an internationally accredited university in a relevant field, subject to approval; OR
  • Membership of internationally recognized professional body. Subject to approval of the Senate and Board


One of our distinguishing features is that at the end of each year of our four-year Bachelor programmes, we award separate certificates issued by CPTEC University:

On successful completion of Year 1, you will be awarded the Certificate

On successful completion of Year 2, you will be awarded the Diploma

On successful completion of Year 3, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma

Finally, upon successful completion of Year 4, you will be awarded the Bachelor.


This offers students more flexibility and the freedom to start a degree without committing to the entire length of the course.

  • The study mode will be both full and part time with lectures, practical and seminars taking place from morning, afternoon, evening and weekends.
  • The mode of study will be class face to face lectures, while the core of lectures will hold in the laboratory where the practical of each lecture will be delivered and experimentation carried out.
  • Periodic seminars and external lecture series from industry professionals and foreign academics

The programme has an inbuilt of a minimum internship placement which forms part of the assessment, this internship will commence and conclude in the respective semester to be communicated with various organisations with pre- arranged MOU. Also, students already in employment in finance and related area capacity in their current employment can be assessed in the current employment according to the format developed for this programme.

There will appropriate exemptions based on credits and further recognitions for the course with exemption in some of the courses on a credit basis. This programme is fully accredited and the accreditation is valid and the Board has commenced the process of further recognition for the programme from various tertiary institutions and professional bodies locally and abroad.

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